Mail Order Bride

I blushed uncontrollably as I assembled her womanly bits, fighting madly with each breast as it jiggled and wriggled beneath my hands. I wore gloves out of respect, but I confess they interfered with my ability and therefore prolonged the discomfiting scene.

When, at long last, all parts were assembled and before me, in an apparent coma, lay my beautiful salvation, I cried.

I wept at the wonder and the beauty of her. She was made to my exact specifications, down to the tiniest of details. I cried with happiness and gratitude, that my long endured days of loneliness might so easily be made to end. I cried like a babe, my head upon the stomach of my love, willing her to love me, to accept me, and to take away my pain.

The storm that night came out of nowhere and I felt as though it had been sent by God above for just the two of us. Long cables ran from each of her wrists, across the dining hall floor, out the window and up to the roof, where a long iron rod was mounted and accepted the cables’ ends.

Lightning struck the rod at the stroke of midnight. The crack was so violent it shook the house. The sound was such that I thought the doors of Heaven might have been slammed shut. But the beauty of the twin balls of charged blue light that ran the length of the cables from the rooftop down into the hands of my beloved was second only to the beauty of my beloved herself.

When the lightning made its way into her hands, her body convulsed and I ran to her side to remove the cable clamps as I had been instructed. I tossed them to the floor uncaring as I watched my love for any sign of life.

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