Mail Order Bride

Today a foot, the next day a lung, followed by kidneys, liver and spleen. The collection of cartons residing in the cellar was quite impressive, and any squeamishness or doubt about building my love had long since disappeared.

The days passed, each after the next, and every late morning or early afternoon brought with it another package from East Orange, Vermont. Each package held a part of the answer to my prayers, and each part was duly loved by me.

The last package arrived after eleven more days, marked as “final” in fine black stenciling. The directive within, wedged between two of the finest, most shapely ears, indicated that it was time to begin assembly. Each part had its own unique set of instructions for assembly, so it mattered not with which I began. I simply opened a box and laid the part out upon the long, wide dining table.

When I chanced upon a part or an organ, to which an adjacent component was already on the table, I made the requisite connections and moved on to the next.

How God-like I felt to be assembling such a creature so. I developed a keen and intimate knowledge of every aspect of my love’s physical character. I stared for near an hour into her eyes as I set them into their sockets. I tweaked and arranged them to give them just a slight off-centeredness, which I personally believed to be a great sign of beauty.

I lovingly stroked her golden hair. I kissed her hand after violently forcing her right arm into its shoulder socket. I resisted kissing her rose-hued lips, fearing that to do so would indicate a breach of trust on my part. I knew that when she was able, she would willingly offer up a kiss to her betrothed.

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