Mail Order Bride

I took the box inside and examined it. The return address was again that of the mysterious doctor, and the same entreaty begged of me to store the contents as I had the beautiful blue eyes.

Upon opening the parcel, I must admit, I was not entirely surprised to find a single, left-handed arm enclosed. Like the eyes, it rested on a bed of moist cotton. This time, however, three notes resided within. The first was an apology for not including instructions with the first delivery, signed by Dr. F. in a hurried, but legible hand.

The second letter was a set of detailed instructions on how to attach the enclosed arm to a torso: “The nerves and blood vessels hanging loosely off the end must be carefully united with their respective counterparts and then the ball and socket joint at the shoulder is to be engaged with a sharp thrust and perhaps a bit of turning.”

I was aghast. The sketches included were of a remarkable quality and I had no doubt that use of the instructions would result in a successful assemblage. However, I wondered whether I had the constitution for such an endeavor. After much contemplation, I resolved to give it my all. The potential for happiness was too great a thing to toss away on account of a little squeamishness.

The third letter was shorter, but was similar in nature and described the procedure for installing the eyes into the sockets of the face of my bride-to-be.

To help pass the time until all the parts of my beloved would be at last in my possession, I purchased a book on the art of dressmaking, so that I would be an expert seamstress by the time of final assembly. I practiced my skills, such that I could, on handkerchiefs, worn shirts and kitchen towels. Soon I was the master of a half dozen stitches, working each day while I awaited the arrival of the courier with the latest component.

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