Mail Order Bride

Whether I were the victim of a hoax or not, I felt secure that I could call in the guarantee and have my payment returned. I was nowhere near being satisfied and was beginning to feel as though this were another attempt at love that would have a less than desirable outcome.

I lit a lantern and took the box into the cellar, placing it gingerly upon a shelf. I pushed back the lid of the box again and had another look at the lovely blue eyes within. They glowed eerily in the dim lamplight. I attempted to imagine the face of the woman they had come from, and tried to ignore the thought that they might once have belonged to a living being.

I failed on both counts and left the cellar, retreating to the parlor and the diligent glow of the gaslights ensconced upon the walls.

No distraction was sufficient to combat the anxiety I suffered as I awaited the promised additional instructions. It was everything I could do to keep myself from the cellar, the lurid call of those entrancing eyes was nearly too much to bare. I remained above ground however, for fear that in the subterranean confines of the cellar, I might miss the knock of the postman or a courier.

And just as I stood with my hand upon the door at the top of the cellar stair, I heard a knock and a call from the front of the house.

“Coming!” I yelled, and made my way to the entry door, to fling it wide and welcome the courier of the day before. I signed his board and accepted a much larger package than that of the previous delivery. Despite my nearly overwhelming curiosity, I remembered to tip the man sufficiently to make up for my lapse of yesterday and send him off a happy man.

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