Mail Order Bride

When it seemed as though the last light of life had left her eyes, I placed the knife on the counter and fell to my knees beside her. Oh, my love was gone! After so much time and effort, planning and speculation, it had all come down to this. I bent to kiss her and her head fell forward, closing the wound in her throat. With her last breath she uttered three final words.

“You are pathetic.”

I shot to my feet and again took up the knife. I slashed it down upon her again and again, countless times, slicing her body and making of it a slick, bloody mess. I continued my mindless cutting until she was again in pieces before me. My last chance at love was nothing more than so much meat littering my kitchen floor.

I dug a hole in the cellar floor and deposited her parts within. I covered my love with dirt and placed paving stones upon the floor. I climbed to the top of the cellar stairs and engaged the lock, breaking the key in the mechanism so that the door could not be opened again. I sank to my knees and wept.

I awoke to the sound of a knock at the door. It was the next morning and I had spent the night on the floor before the cellar door. The knock grew more persistent and I shouted a gruff, “I’m coming!”

I removed my coat and rubbed it over my face and arms to clean up most of the dried blood and bits of flesh that clung to me. I made my way to the front door and placed my hand upon the knob, just as another knock issued forth from the other side.

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