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What she said made sense. But everything was just as I had planned, up until the lighting had given her life. What had gone wrong? I knew the rightness of her words, that I had no case now against the doctor. I was stuck with damaged, or at the least, inferior merchandise. Something had to be done. I could not suffer her presence a moment longer.

“You are ugly when you think so hard,” she stabbed. Every word she spoke was like a knife cutting into me. Every breath she took was a reminder of my folly. Once again I had led myself to emotional ruin. Now was I destined to be mocked and ridiculed for the remainder of my days?

I looked before me at the cutting board on which I had prepared the quail. The long knife I had used lay there, shimmering with promise. I gripped it and turned, swinging the blade before me. I faced her and without hesitation thrust the knife, hilt-deep into her chest. The knife passed in with little resistance. I let it go when the sensation began to sicken me. The blade was gone from sight, so deep had it penetrated, and the hilt quivered between her breasts, still vibrating with the force of my attack.

She laughed. She actually threw her head back and laughed. This was impossible. That had been a killing stroke! What merciless God would put me through such torture? Her laugh grew louder and I resolved to have her silenced. I reached forward and pulled the knife from her chest and slashed the blade across her throat.

Red gouts of copper-scented blood issued forth, accompanied by the sound of her amputated laughing. She made no sound now but a wet gurgling. Her eyes grew wide and blue fire danced within them. I was still in love with her eyes, at least, and I followed them to the floor as she slipped down, clinging to the counter for support.

Now the pathetic one was she, as she gurgled her frothy crimson spittle at me, demanding my assistance. I remained focused on her eyes, watching the light within them dim. She clawed at the floor before her, trying to drag herself to me.

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