Mail Order Bride

“Yes. Starve me until I submit to you. Let me assure you, it will take more thank a bit of hunger to make me succumb to your fantasies, little man. I am not your plaything, despite what that charlatan Dr. Flahaven might have you believe.”

“But I want your love, Lamia. You are the sweetest creature I have ever seen and from the moment I first looked into your eyes I knew that I loved you. Dr. Flahaven has given me a gift. Nay, he has given each of us a gift. The chance to love and be loved. A rare opportunity.”

“Love? You would starve me for love?”

“Starve you? Never! I would never think to do such a thing.”

“Never you say. It is indeed what you are doing now, as we speak. You have nothing of substance to eat in this house. This little house filled with worthless baubles. You are a pathetic little man and you shall never be worthy of me. Now bring me some real food!”

I could not believe my ears! This was not the woman I had designed. This was not my eternal love. What had gone awry? I followed the directions to the letter. I had checked and double-checked every assembly. Nothing was forgotten, I used every part and every part was in its rightful place.

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