Love and Murder in Checco's Diner

Det. Morano:  —we say we only ran him through NCIC.  The lab results for DNA take weeks.

Det. Beausoleil:  Remember, we get all the way inside his place in case somebody’s watching from the balcony.  Get his prints on the throw-down after I drop him.

Det. Morano:  Hey, this ain’t my first rodeo, Bobby. I’m ready.

Det. Beausoleil:  She didn’t deserve what that scumbag did.  Murdered her and threw her away like garbage.  He doesn’t deserve to breathe. Let’s go.



Robb White lives in Ashtabula, Ohio. He writes, noir, crime, and hardboiled stories featuring series character Thomas Haftmann.  A recent collection of crime stories is Dangerous Women:  Stories of Crime, Mystery, and Mayhem. Crowood Press in the U.K. published White’s latest work, Perfect Killer.


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