Love and Murder in Checco's Diner

Det. Morano: Who knows? Looks like they failed to teach our Ziggy some manners. Instead of some rough discipline, the Brand member tried to saw off his head like a can opener while Ziegfield was lying in his bunk—Damn, I hate when that happens.

Det. Beausoleil:  Yeah, me too.  Check it out.  There’s a handwritten comment from his parole      officer, says Ziggy started hitting the weights.  Look at the last photo.

Det. Morano:  A beast, all right. Shit, you can get ‘roids in the joint now, too—

Det. Beausoleil: —so our Mister Ziegfield now winds up in SHU for his own protection.  They add a couple years for assault.  They wanted five, he agreed to plead to two.

Det. Morano:  It gets more interesting.  Shitbird no sooner gets out of SHU and back into general population he finds the guy who sliced him.  Holy Mother Machree, look at this,          will you!—he thumbed out the guy’s eyeballs. Took ‘em right out of the sockets. Ziegfield goes him one better, according to this attached medical report—he shoves the eyeballs in the victim’s own mouth.

Det. Beausoleil:  I believe our man has anger-management issues. Would you agree, partner?

* * *

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