Loser Freak

I hid in my room, my heart pounding, as my baby took on a life of its own. I’d poured my love into that thing and my hate. It was murderous. That’s not what I had intended but I took pleasure in hearing the screams fill the street as my creation destroyed everyone I knew and loathed.

When I peered out of the window I saw it carve up the girl from school. I think that she screamed the loudest. That turned me on more than anything and I slid a hand down my pants as I watched.

Then everything went quiet for a while and I went to sit at my desk to wait.


When it returned to me, the once shining silver metal was crusted with dried brown blood and other matter that I didn’t like to hazard a guess at.

I reached for the control and turned it off. Then I sat and stared at it, wondering what to do next. I was bored now. Now that they’d gone.


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