Loser Freak

When she came up to my room and I unveiled my masterpiece, she was silent for some time. I waited patiently.

“That’s... very nice, dear,” she said. Her pause was enough to tell me that she was lying to me. I’d worked hard on this and she couldn’t even be honest with me! Or lie well.

I frowned and looked from my creation back to my mother. She had a look of vague disgust on her face. “I think we should put it in the garage,” she said.

When I didn’t respond immediately she said, “Well? The garage! Go on, put it away.”

I picked up the remote control and pressed the activate button. I’d show her what it could do...


I remember watching as it speared my mother through the heart. I’d given it legs so it was able to go downstairs. It killed my father too, though I missed that.

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