Loser Freak

I remember waking up in the hospital and hardly being able to see as my eyes were swollen almost shut. That put my work back for some days. I lay in bed and thought of nothing but motherboards and gyros and motion sensors.


I went back to the same school. My parents didn’t want to move me anywhere else. I suppose they didn’t think I was worth the bother.

“Freak!” This was from the boys at school. Then one of them put his finger and his thumb to his forehead, forming an L shape. “Loser!” he said. And they all laughed.

Personally, I thought he looked like an idiot. I smiled and moved on my way down the corridor. I believed in Karma, and they’d get what was coming to them.

After all, I’d nearly finished it. My baby, my pride and joy. I was going to be famous.


I felt like laughing like a maniac. I wanted to throw back my head and laugh like one of those crazed scientists that I’d seen on TV. Instead I grinned like a school boy and ran to get my mother.

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