Loser Freak

I gave her a look and then turned back to my notes. She was one of the popular kids, I wasn’t about to speak to her, I was sure that no matter what I said it’d be turned back against me somehow.

She grabbed at my crotch suddenly and I gasped and hurried to my feet, dropping my notebook on the ground. She laughed. Loudly.

Anger bubbled up in me and I snatched up my book and marched back towards the house. “I guess that answers my question then!” she called after me. She was a bitch.


I was going to be a very rich and powerful man. I decided that a long time ago. My project was going to get me the recognition I deserved.

I took apart the computers at school to get the parts I needed. They only caught me once and I was given a detention for it and ordered to give the parts back. I didn’t bother. They soon replaced them anyway.

The boy who I sat detention with beat me up and called me a loser. I kicked him in the groin and he responded by punching me until I blacked out.

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