Loser Freak

He growled impatiently. “I asked you a damn question, you can at least have the decency to answer it!” he said. “Son!”

I gathered my things, packed up my toolbox and walked away. He threw a wrench at me. It hit me squarely between my shoulder blades.

For a moment I stopped walking. But I didn’t turn around.


I’d been frowning over my notes when she came up behind me. I was sitting outside under a tree, trying to get the last of the light. I’d thought I was alone.

“Boo!” she said. And she sat herself down beside me. I ignored her and wrote down something else in my notebook. This was important stuff; I needed to get it absolutely right for when I came to putting everything together.

She said nothing for a while but I knew she was watching me, I could feel her eyes on me. “They think you’re gay, at school,” she said. “Are you?”

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