Lake Wynonah

Peter Kaufman pulled over to the side of the rural road and put the Toyota in park.  Opening the door, he got out and stretched his tired muscles.  The 253 mile long trip from Pittsburgh to Auburn, PA had taken just over 4 hours of time and Peter needed the break.  Looking up, he could see the shore of Lake Wynonah, the 1.7 mile long water basin which dominated his home town.

He fondly remembered playing along those shores, just a short distance from his parent’s house.  He was almost home.

The Toyota picked up speed as he entered the small town of Auburn.  Needing gas, he pulled into the Auburn Food Mart.  He had worked at the store as a youth and knew the layout of store like the back of his hand.

“PK !!  You’re back!”  A slender white haired man shouted to Kaufman as he entered the store to pay for his fill up.  “It’s good to see you again.”

“Hi Mr. Watkins.  Great to see you as well.”

The old man scowled at Peter as he shook his head.  “Peter, you need to call me Matt now.  You are no longer 16.”

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