Lake Winnipesaukee

Rike’s body was adjusting to the descent.   His head pressed deep into the side of his helmet to the point where his nose folded against his opposite cheek.  A little tear of blood snaked down his nostril and across his face and settled into his ear canal. Had he been awake, Rike would have felt a maddening urge to rub violently at his ear.



The ship was pitching to the left as its main struts burst apart from the pressure of the re-entry.  The cargo section in the rear of the craft was violently shaking and was already losing structural integrity.  The computer, not programmed to comprehend futility, continued to correct the entry and alert the crew through red lights and violent alarms.


The ship kept its course for one last moment before settling into an uncontrolled roll.  The entire body skipped at the ridge of the outer orbit front to back and side to side  like a stone tossed against the ripples of Lake Winnipesaukee.

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