Killer Colonoscopy

“You people made me do it,” said Li.  “You were supposed to kill that bastard banker when you didn’t get the ransom.  Then he turned up, and I had to do it.”

“I read about that, actually.  Clever, but maybe not a good idea to do it here in the US.”

“I had to.  He refused to stay in Hong Kong after the kidnapping.”

“I see.  Well, I have some information about it all that I feel the police will find fascinating.”

“If I kill you the problem goes away.”

“I would only observe that the same goes if I kill you, here and now.  But I don’t want to.  Messy.  Why risk everything you and I both have? Dr. Flannery is a good husband, and your toy boy in Hong Kong provides some needed spice, I imagine.  Give it up.  Oh, and I assume Brad doesn’t know anything about the young man?  Thinks you’re visiting your mother?”

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