Killer Colonoscopy

“Funny thing,” said Whiskers on the phone a few hours later.  “Your man Flannery’s clean as a whistle, dull as dishwater, but the wife spends a lot of time going back and forth to Hong Kong.  My informant’s opinion is that she has a sweetheart on the spot, been seen around town there with a muscle-bound type.  Quite a funny thing, since we were just after speaking about those parts.  You wouldn’t happen to recall the name of the wife in that long-ago adventure, now would you?  My mind, as I’ve mentioned, isn’t what it used to be.”

“Stipulating that I had nothing to do with any such criminal activity, I believe I recall hearing her name was Li.  Oh.”


“Dr. Flannery told me his wife’s name was ‘Lee’ – which I visualized as being spelled L-E-E.”

“Oh, my, what a coincidence,” said Whiskers.

“You think?” said Cedric.

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