Killer Colonoscopy

“No,” he said, “I’ll bet it’s that damn pool boy from the health club.  She’s counting on getting rich herself, when I turn up dead.  Oh, God,” he wailed, “don’t kill me, I can give you money, take me to the Caymans, or Geneva, it’ll be easy, no worries, I’ll give you anything.”

Cedric had contacted the consortium headquarters.

“Well, it happens,” said the contractor liaison officer.  He sighed.

“Get him to Port Dickson and turn him loose,” he said.  “No ID, no documents, no money, let him find his way home.”

In the Range Rover bumping down Malaysia’s back roads, the banker tried to hire them to kill his wife.

“Revenge, lad,” said Whiskers to Cedric afterwards, “a most powerful forceful motivator.  Just ask me long-suffering pals in the Old Country.  Those fellas are still plotting ways to get even for the Battle of the Boyne.”

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