Killer Colonoscopy

“That’s me, the go-to fella for body snatching. OK, give me a few hours,” said his old Irish friend, Whiskers.  “But something rings a bell for some reason. Must be drugs, though, a doctor and all.”

“It so often is,” said Cedric.  “But what does it have to do with me?  I’m out of the game for a while now.”

“And well out of it, you are.  Anyway, who goes through such trouble to get someone bumped off?  There are simpler ways, as you yourself have reason to know.”

“Agreed,” said Cedric, whose resume included a few assassinations.

“Plus, kidnappees – is that a word?  are a pain in the arse,” said Whiskers. “Remember that dickhead banker in Kuala Lumpur?  God love the bastard, no one else would.  I thought we’d never get rid of him.”

“I can’t imagine what you’re talking about,” said Cedric primly.

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