Just Fix It

“Yes, this door is locked. I need to get in right away to see someone.”

“Can’t do that sir, place is closed for renovations. S’what the sign says.”

“Yes I know that but I just talked to some from here not half an hour ago. Somebody has to be inside.”

“Don’t think so sir. Pipe burst last week and flooded the place out. Last I heard he was going on vacation and she was going to work out of her home. Mall’s handling the renovations.”

”Do you know where I can find her, her address I mean? It’s very important that I see her right away!”

“Can’t do that, sir. I don’t have home addresses, and even if I did, there’s that privacy thing happening. Can’t nobody give out anybody’s anything, especially something personal like an address. Mall owner’s very particular about that. Don’t want to take the chance of losing anybody.”

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