Just Fix It

Look Charles can we talk about this? My boss is out of town right now so I’m it, but that’s really not the problem. I can see where you might have made a mistake in your instructions, and I almost called you when I saw them. But it was late in the day and I was in a hurry, and I really needed the money. It’s a big commission for me and I could really use it. PLEASE?

Oh dear god thought Charles, what the hell have I gotten myself into. I make one little mistake in my life, one simple little mistake.

Shannon, that’s not the point. What you are suggesting is unethical. You can’t refuse me just because you need the money. I made a mistake, I know that, I told you that, and I need this fixed. He paused briefly before continuing. I’m coming right over. Wait for me and we’ll talk about this.

The address was a mini-mall halfway across town. He had chosen this particular company out of the many hundreds in the phone book because it was small and small meant hungry. Their compliance controls would be looser, and with the amount of commission involved, would be less likely to question anything. If they went under, no great loss.

The door was locked; a hand written note taped to it proclaiming it was closed for renovations. Charles rattled the doorknob loudly, attracting the attention of a nearby security guard. He swaggered on over, hands on hips, keys jingling loudly on his belt.

“Something the matter here sir?”

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