Just Fix It

He sat back in his chair, breathing slowly and deeply, trying to calm himself down. His personal trainer had taught him this technique, but it wasn’t helping. He started when his inbox chimed not a minute later.

Hey Chuck, sorry, no can do. Its end of day and the deal’s done. Shannon. Now he was in full panic mode. His fingers flew across the keyboard.

Shannon, please try! I didn’t know there was a mistake in my instructions until after I sent them. I know its end of day but I need this trade reversed ASAP! I’ll send you new instructions tomorrow to cover this. Charles Gordon.

Nothing. For over an hour he sat there, hoping against hope, but it was not to be. Clearly, Shannon had ignored him. His only real saving grace was that his employer was away for a few days. All the way home Charles reminded himself that there was still time to fix everything, and hope that his employer wouldn’t ask too many questions later.

Dawn couldn’t come fast enough. Ever the confirmed bachelor, Charles showered, shaved, and dressed, in record time and beat his own best time to the office by a good ten minutes. Minutes later reversal instructions were on their way to Shannon, with an addendum to invest only the cash portion of his account.

She took her time replying. It was a full half hour after the markets had opened and four cups of coffee before the chime sounded.

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