Just Fix It

He stared at the screen in disbelief. It was wrong, it had to be! He pressed his nose up against it just to be sure. The date and time in the sent folder confirmed what he could hardly believe.

The sent was a short email addressed to his Investment Advisor, containing a very simple trade instruction. Invest all of this account in a particularly aggressive high-risk fund. Too late he noticed he had left out the instruction about investing only the cash portion of the account. What he was staring at now was his Advisor’s reply, that absolutely everything was being invested in a fund intended to make up only 5% of his overall portfolio.


Easiest mistake in the world, using a wrong fund code or symbol when sending out trade instructions. Mistakes happen he told himself, they happen all the time, but not to me. They can’t!

Charles Gordon loved his job, the hours and pay were excellent, time off was whenever, along with free tickets to everything. His employer preferred to stay in the background, checking in weekly by telephone. He disdained electronics, preferring his monthly reports delivered to him on paper.

This was really nothing more than a typo, but the very worst Charles could have made. All his years of careful planning, from choosing just the right mix of funds to maintaining a low-risk profile had just vanished, replaced by a single aggressive high-risk fund that threatened to sink deeper than the Titanic should the markets have a bad day.

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