John Brown’s Body

“They bought that? Lab let the DA tell them what to do?”

“Chief relayed the message. Told them there was nothing he could do about it, budgets, all that crap.”

Terry said, “I ain’t buying that. Don’t care what you say, you ain’t buying it either.”

Terry raised an empty bottle of hot sauce, waved it at the waitress on the other side of the room. “Mae, I need a real bottle of sauce, something to make these eggs of yours taste like real eggs.”

Mae rolled her eyes and snatched up the big bottle, quart size from the kitchen window, walked across the room and slammed it down.

“Here. Bottle I gave you was half full when I brought it to you. Maybe you should just skip the eggs and eat a bowl of hot sauce. Better yet, maybe you two could get out of here, act like real detectives.”

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