John Brown’s Body

Blackbeard and Terry sat in the Sunrise Grill the next morning, papers from the case piled on the table between the eggs and bacon and coffee.

Terry turned over a sheet and looked at Blackbeard.

“All the stolen TVs identified but one, all from that same neighborhood. People will report stolen TVs sooner than they’ll report missing children. Looks like our mooks--I like Brandon’s word, even if neither he nor I know what it means, it’s what I’m going to call them--just went shopping in Bayside like you’d go shopping at Best Buy.”

“Speaking of buy, you buy they did it?” asked Blackbeard.

“Everybody else does.”

Blackbeard just stared. Terry always had his own opinion, would always say what he thought, if Blackbeard just waited him out. “But no,” Terry continued. “I really don’t. We’ll see, but right now, I don’t. Those kids--the mooks--were scared. Their record is small time. If they did do it--not saying they did--something else or somebody else was involved.”

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