John Brown’s Body

“Of course not,” said Blackbeard. “That would be unprofessionally vague. We ask them if they killed John Brown two nights ago.” He opened the door and got out. Terry followed.

The door opened on the first knock and the chief stood there in full dress uniform. Terry looked at Blackbeard and saw that he wasn’t surprised. The three stood staring at each other for an awkward moment.

“C’mon in,” the chief finally turned and walked into the living room. Blackbeard and Terry followed. Terry went over to the TV and fingered the plastic still covering the stand.

“Not even unwrapped yet,” he said.

“No,” said the chief, picking up his hat. “Let’s take a ride.”


They pulled into a deserted boat ramp outside of town, weeds growing up through the concrete and no lights anymore. They got out and the chief turned to Terry.

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