John Brown’s Body

Blackbeard thought about it a minute and then said, “All right. But let’s run it through the chief, he can shake the tree a hell of a lot harder than we can. Used to be a good cop, too. He was my dad’s partner, back in the day.” He picked up his cell, waited until he got the chief on the line and explained what they wanted.

“What’d he say?”

“Thinks it’s a good idea. Going to talk to the DA, tell him we know something’s wrong, hint that we know who and we’ve got proof. Try to do it someway that other people in the office know, get people talking. We’re supposed to meet with the chief tomorrow morning and see what’s happening.”

The waitress came by with the check. As they counted out money to put down, Blackbeard said to Terry. “While the chief’s got that cooking, let’s go tie up a loose end.”


The two boys sat across from Blackbeard and Terry in the jail commons area.

“Mister Sir, we never killed nobody, and that’s God’s honest truth,” said the older one. Older was relative; he looked about 20 and the other about 16.

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