John Brown’s Body

“True that,” said Blackbeard.

Blackbeard looked around at the fake cute beach signs and pastel colors in the restaurant, tourists dressed to match, and wondered if the tourists matched the bar, or the bar matched the tourists.

Blackbeard said, “We finish lunch, we’re going back there and follow up. Let him know we know and ask him if he wants to tell us who called him or if he wants to go back to PCB and think about it.”

“Yeah, that’s the procedure,” said Terry. “But if we do that, we’ve got to get Destin PD in, probably our DA, too. Most that will happen is we’ll get a name over there. No real proof, that person will deny everything, just a misunderstanding. The mooks will take the fall, case closed.”

“Sometimes it’s like that,” Blackbeard said. “Work the job, sometimes it turns out right, sometimes not. Doing it the cowboy way will get you in trouble, though, every time.”

“Look, why don’t we just shake the tree, see what falls out?” said Terry. “You said the lab guys were told by the DA not to run the GSR. Let’s tell the DA we know they’re dirty, see what happens.”

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