It Takes One to Know One

Tadeusz Mikloski grew up in the cultural cocoon of the Polish Immigrant community in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He always unquestionably resisted assimilation into the majority American mainstream. That was paramount to his existence. Then suddenly questions started to pop. But how long could self control last?


A thirty something year old in the mid 1970’s, Tadeusz was about five foot nine, thin and sported a closely shaved crew cut. The hairstyle, along with angular facial features of pure polish ancestry accentuated his bulging grey eyes. But that, in itself, has little or no culpability for his current situation. Tadeusz  projected “a totality of odd”, and his physicality just enhanced his self directed negative trajectory in life. But how to overcome these thirty years? It would be difficult, but not impossible.


The following uniquely sustainable and verifiable Tadeuszian characteristics that support this “totality of odd” barrier thesis are hereby presented for your consideration:

Tadeusz appeared to others as if he stepped out of a black and white late 1940’s-early 1950’s film. For his part, he unknowingly was cast in this film noir with directors notes to Tadeusz that portrayed New York City with danger at every turn. Untrusting, evil and heartless; an environment about to pounce without notice on Tadeusz.

His entire out of sync essence portrayed a character whose scenes were finalized with a few film frames per second edited out. All this describes the projecting of Tadeusz to others with a jerky, but subtle out of kilter movement within the universe.

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