It's a Wonderful Death

"So Alex, do you think there is a connection between the dreams and your accident?"

Alex held his breath. He made a face and slowly breathed again. If the bastard only knew. "The accident? Is that possible? You're the doctor." Worthington was getting close.

Worthington battered a thumb against his lip. "Well you said you had never had dreams before. I took the logical leap."

Alex picked up the family portrait that Dr. Worthington had displayed on his coffee table. "You have a very nice family Dr. Worthington."

"You're interested in families, are you? Let's talk about family Alex."

Alex set the portrait back down. The faces still smiled at him. What sort of hell would it be like to live in that family, that genetic incubator of patriotic, patronizing, life loving, conservative clones? He vomited the thought from his mind. "I didn't really have a family. My father died when I was young."

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