It's a Wonderful Death

"Mom, I'm not going anywhere unless you tell me what this is about." His palms were cold and sweaty. He could feel his heart thump and bang against his ribcage. They were screwing everything up.

"Alexander Graham Knatt you can't always have it your own way! We are going to go and that's that. Dr. Worthington thinks that the brain scans might have missed something. He just wants to check if everything is okay up there. So you better clear your schedule mister."

"Mom," he huffed searching for some line defense to fall back on, "Mom I am my own man. I'm not some ward of the state." It was the best he could do.

"We are not going to argue about this Alex. You see to it or I will," and with a curt smile she left for work.

All Alex was capable of was stumbling down the hallway and falling into bed. Something had finally gone right for once in his miserable life, he was special for once, he had a future, an importance in this world and that damned shrink and his mom had teamed up to try and destroy it all. Back to the hospital? He couldn't go back to the hospital. What if they did find something wrong? Even worse what if they fixed it? They might make the dreams go away. They might take away the hope.

That was it. That's what the warning in his dream was. They were telling him not to go back to the hospital. That was the danger.

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