It's a Wonderful Death

"Yes. Yes I do believe because I was there. I was there for three minutes of your time when I died and when I shuffle off this shitty coil I'll go back. It's the only thing that makes me happy to tell you the truth."

Dr. Worthington scribbled furiously.

"Is that what you wanted to hear Doc?"

"Yes, I think we might have had a minor break through Alex. I'll tell you what, the time's nearly up. Let's break off for today, but stop by my receptionist on the way out and let's schedule extra appointment as soon as possible."

Alex walked to the door. He opened it and felt something when he exited. He felt free.


That night Alex Knatt dreamed of the deathless place again but it was different this time, it wasn't like before. There was something wrong and he writhed in his sleep because of it. When he awoke all he could remember were the echoes of an ethereal voice. It was one of the denizens of that place. He had been saying something to Alex just as he woke up. Alex closed his eyes again. He tried to remember the words. One last echo reverberated around his half awake mind. It said "You shouldn't have told Alex. You have endangered your chance to come here. Be very careful Alex."

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