Innocence Lost

Jerry moans with the pleasure of anticipation.  He already knows the position he wants with this slut. Christie peels off the black thongs.  Then she rips off the duct tape which had held and concealed his penis and scrotum between and behind his legs.

‘‘Good stuff, duct tape.  Very functional.  Don’t you think so, Jerry? Christie/Christopher, what’s the difference?  Male or female.  Do you care if I’m male or female, Jerry? I do my best to look female, don’t you think?’’

Jerry begins to mouth an expletive but Christopher moves towards him, grabbing his hair and roughly pulling his head back. Then he applies the tape firmly across Jerry’s mouth.‘‘Yes, it’s good for removing warts. Duct tape.  Did you know that, Jerry?  Apparently it dries them up and they fall off.  When I pulled your head back just now I felt something like a wart on the back of your head.  Is that a wart Jerry?’’

Jerry is transfixed with terror.  The terror of the unknown.  Bound and gagged, he is completely vulnerable. His eyes are bulging with fear.

‘‘Shame I’ve used all the duct tape to shut your rancid mouth. But I have an idea.’’

He walks round behind his victim and removes his stiletto heeled shoes.  He takes one in his hand by the instep, raises it high above his head then brings it down full force onto Jerry’s skull.  The thin heel smashes through the bony exterior and dark blood begins to seep through his hair and down his neck.  He screams in a muffled tone but the tape is tight over his mouth. ‘‘Think I got it Jerry.  Now where were we?  Oh, yes the whip.  Have you ever been whipped across the back Jerry?”

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