Innocence Lost

He does so, hanging his clothes on coat hooks next to the door.  Naked now he looks intently round the room, obviously finding the scenario appealing. ‘‘Eh, yeah….I’m… I’m a Chief Executive Officer of a large banking firm.  I wield enormous power. Yet I gain pleasure from being dominated, you see.  Recharges the old batteries,’’ Jerry explained, with a well-bred, plummy Home Counties accent.

He reminded Christie of her father.  Similar job, similar traits, and a dark side.  To the outside world her father was a friendly, successful stockbroker and family man.  Yet behind closed doors he was an ogre; tight lipped, uncompromising and cruel.  Very cruel. A sadist.

‘‘Okay Jerry, you’re obviously comfortable in the naked form.  I do erotica, not pornography, so this is as far as I undress. My house rules.’’

‘‘Shame,’’ replied Jerry, ‘‘I bet you look great with just your heels on!’’  Spoken in a cocky, sleazy way.

‘‘As you seem comfortable then let proceedings commence.  To the cross where you’ll be restrained at wrists and ankles, before I whip your buttocks.’’

Jerry complies with pseudo-meekness and soon he is soundly shackled in a spread eagle position to the thick, timber struts.  The routine begins with stinging hand smacks then she progresses in severity through her itinerary of equipment; ruler, belt, and then the cane.  Jerry squeals with each stroke, a mixture of pain and pleasure.

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