Innocence Lost

Christie looks up at the neon sign.  It flashes the word ‘Joy’ in alternative red and purple lights.  Pulling her full length leather coat round her on this wintry night she pushes open the door,   noticing the small CCTV camera positioned above it.

Christie has been around.  Late thirties but could camouflage the faint lines around her eyes and mouth with years of expertise.  Attractive in a gaudy way, the plastic surgery and Botox had softened her features and fought off the ravages of her nocturnal lifestyle.  Under her coat she wore her uniform; a black basque one size too small which pushed her surgically enhanced breasts up so that they spilled out over the top like two milky mounds. Her slim, shapely legs were adorned in matching black hold up stockings.  Between these two garments were her black leather thongs.  To complete the appearance she wore black elbow length silk gloves and leather boots spiked at the toe and finished in chrome. Yes, she’d been around.

She enters the reception and sees the matron behind a bar counter and introduces herself. ‘‘Hi, I’m Christie.  It’s my first night here.’’

‘‘Yes I know,’’ the matron replies, shamelessly eyeing her up and down, greedily devouring her new employee with a lewd smile. ‘‘My husband interviewed you yesterday and told me all about you.’’ Another smile then, ‘‘He’s also my Master. I share him occasionally, with the right person...’’   Her voice rises, implicating a question, which Christie ignores.

‘‘Let’s see the room then,’’ she impassively replies.

As Matron leads her down a corridor dimly lit with low watt red lights and occasional thick wooden doors Christie was reminded of a passage in a medieval castle she once visited as a child.  She was innocent back then.  Small town suburban upbringing with typical trappings: two parents, detached house, two younger sisters and a dog.  It all seemed so long ago.

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