In The Mind's Eye

He snuffled. “All they had to do was leave me alone.”

There was nothing in his hand. She backed away and wished she'd not got involved. Should have suspected he was out of his mind the way he was sat there crying like a baby.

“With this gun”, he yelled, waving his cupped hand.

“There's nothing in your hand,” she blurted. She rushed away to her car, and almost dropped the key as she fumbled trying to fit it in the lock.

Blake ignored her and continued to look at his hand as she drove away, the tires squealing. She was right, his hand held nothing. Stupidly, he turned his hand over as though the gun could be on the other side of it. But it had been in his hand! He remembered the reassuring weight of it and firing off shots at the people in the warehouse. The satisfaction of seeing their heads explode and their bodies crumple, surely that had been real?

He wondered if he'd totally lost his mind and was hallucinating. Maybe she was involved with them – trying to make him question his sanity by lying to him. But she'd always been friendly to him before, and even helped him out occasionally when he needed a favour. None of the other residents paid him any attention.

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