In The Mind's Eye




The landlord had bolted a safe to the wall at the back of a closet in Blake's tiny apartment. He unlocked it and pulled out the handgun he kept in case of emergencies. This side of town was not a place to take risks with your safety. Especially at night.

He checked the three clips; all were full of bullets as they should be. Enough ammo to take out every one of the bastards who'd picked on him or joined in when others did. The inner voice continued to exhort him to kill; he slammed one of the clips into the gun and shoved the others into a pocket.

“Fill the place with head splatter,” the voice demanded. “You'll love it. It's the fate they deserve.”

It didn't take any longer to persuade him. In a dreamlike state he left, determined to do go on a controlled rampage. Nobody who had to die must avoid his aim.

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