In the Best of Families

Heaving a deep sigh, she picked up her drink, extracted her phone from her waistband and sat down.  “Jason, I think we’re okay.  He’s gone.  I’ll be over later.  Oh, and you’re sure you left a few extra bricks by the back door when the cops come back to search?  I hope you tossed out that Halloween wig and hippie ponytail.”


Ending the call, she walked over to Ralph’s bar.  “Marianne, honey, you always were a pain in the ass,” she said.  “Now you’re gone.  Ralphie’s going bye-bye and guess who’ll collect the rest of Daddy Dear’s inheritance.  Nothing personal.  Happens in the best of families.”


She raised her middle finger to salute the artwork on the wall, never noticing the small camera lens and microphone embedded among the metal objects.


# # #

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