Illegal Frequencies

What action had he taken to be cursed after all this time? He still did not know. She continued to advise, Rizmore seeking her consent and her help to find the answer.

The Gypsy Prudence had to first explain that Rizmore did not have Syphilis when a remorseful Rizmore lamented using public toilets over the years. “It’s The Myth of Sisyphus, not SYPHILIS,” she said as she again reminded him it was impossible to get VD from a toilet seat.

He then was able (with her help) to identify the illegal frequency as his father’s ghost. Now that frequency should become frustrated and stop haunting Rizmore. Sounded logical, since it was coming from the Gypsy Prudence.

The problem: Rizmore does not believe he has a conduit that is not affected by the improper inputs of the illegal frequencies. He finally realized he was not equipped intellectually or emotionally to make a stand against the frequencies, even with the help of the Gypsy Prudence. He was quite upset.

Pebbles was becoming more and more perplexed. His rants about fear of the frequencies had led his brother to involuntarily move him out of the Brooklyn to New Jersey. Now Rizmore was now alone, except for the illegal frequencies.

Rizmore felt there was no hope. But he decided on his 21st birthday, April 1, 1971, to do something about it.

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