Illegal Frequencies

Rizmore told The Gypsy Prudence he distinctly remembers his fathers’ last words as he lay dying at Woodhull Hospital. “You’re such a dope, I have to keep you in line, even after I…….” Mr. Kapottee never finished that last sentence before he expired.

Rizmore, with guidance from The Gypsy Prudence, then believed; Might this electromagnetic form of mind control be his father reaching from beyond the grave? The lower frequency always translated to that lower mental acuity for Rizmore. A continuance of admonishments from the past?

He claimed he became dumber every day (if that was at all possible.)

Well, at least The Gypsy Prudence could attest to that. She thought Rizmore was as dumb as dirt.


Rizmore believed by becoming "normal" and conforming to the world, the illegal frequencies could be blocked.  That all was impossible because of the Gypsy Prudence. She made him see himself as being punished in his own Myth of Sisyphus.  And only she could get the cycle to end.

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