Illegal Frequencies

Pebbles feared Rizmore’s condition began to rub off on him. But he wouldn’t abandon his pal Rizmore. After all, his weeks were fucked up as well. Pebbles refused to assign any blame to his own limited mental abilities. He thought it must have been leakage from the illegal frequencies causing his own negative direction.

The two had no explanation for their pathetic lives before the onslaught of the frequencies. But they did agree, things had gotten worse since the advent of the Monday morning bombardment of illegal frequencies.

That became the conventional wisdom emanating from Pebbles encounter with the illegal frequencies. The two dolts being purveyors of science fiction and their minds being influenced by The Gypsy Prudence.


The Gypsy Prudence ran a Psychic Readings shop. Once located where the Starbucks presently sits. She was not a gypsy, but a retired prostitute from the Bronx, and graduate of Bronx Community College, Maria Ruiz. The guys would go there to get their fortunes from her crystal ball. They also got a “Happy Ending.” In the dark, under the table, they’d get a penal manipulation from the Gypsy Prudence while they were told to concentrate on what they wanted.

The Gypsy Prudence had, in her own self-serving way, tried to help Rizmore. She had planted the seed of the afterlife in his pea brain as the source of the illegal frequencies. Of course, all this advice was given post Rizmore’s laments about his torturous relationship with his father. Rizmore sought more guidance from The Gypsy Prudence. She provided such guidance, for an additional fee, of course.

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