Illegal Frequencies

Rizmore reasoned one of the frequencies represented a lower oscillating form which lowered his self-esteem. He probably had misinterpreted some information he and Pebbles researched. It was gleaned from an electronics book and a psychology textbook Pebbles had lifted from the old Red Hook branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. That library is where the Chase Bank is currently located, around the corner next door to that new gourmet cheese emporium.

That’s why Rizmore felt like shit on Monday mornings: the illegal frequencies.

The frequency variations set an involuntary, but prevailing negative direction in the course of Rizmore’s week. And no matter what he did to avoid the predetermined pitfalls, the week and its actions took that unknown course.

Pebbles and Rizmore were unaware of the details. But they knew the course of the week will be what it always turned out to be.

It was always a negative course.

Rizmore best described it as if one envisions a pile of dog shit on the street. One is all but destined to step in that shit. No matter what one does to avoid it.

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