Illegal Frequencies

Rizmore, now living alone, prepared his solitary breakfast. A creature of habit, he heated up a Lenders Frozen plain Bagel. Rizmore boiled water for his Sanka instant coffee, which he drank black.

Every Monday, Rizmore began his Modulation of Expectations. This became his usual involuntary form of mental calisthenics.

The uncontrollable altering of the amplitude or frequency of his existence by the illegal frequencies began. A function unknown to the scientific community. At least that’s what the doctors told him at Kings County Hospital.

Rizmore obtained the uncontrollable ability to become a human electromagnetic wave. His participation performed with the variations of a variety of unknown illegal secondary signals. That’s the problem, the independent secondary signals are some of the illegal frequencies which bombarded him every Monday morning. But a specific unidentified one among the many interacted to involuntary engage Rizmore’s modulation.

His natural frequency was typically one of a higher frequency. He knew nothing about why he had a frequency at all. Rizmore did not know any person who retained such a trait. He also did not know why the illegal frequencies are interfering with his frequency.

Who or what was directing all of this became a mystery as well.

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