Illegal Frequencies

He came home from the Boy Scouts, proudly telling his father he had learned life-saving “Artificial Perspiration.” His father asked Rizmore, “Who the fuck are you, Katy Winters?” as Mr. Kapottee mocking laughed while pointing at the now classic Secret Deodorant commercial playing on his television.

Mr. Kapottee was known as a chronically unemployed laborer. The family survived on Mrs. Kapottee’s private home care/nursing gigs. She also did “typing homework,” typing labels on envelopes. A popular way to make extra cash in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Rizmore being of limited intelligence as was his father, accepted the fact that Secret Deodorant has special significance. He’s exclusively used it since that encounter.

Rizmore wanted to have perfect breath when he left his apartment. That’s why he loved to gargle with Feminine Hygiene Products. This activity is rooted as well to his teenage days. Mr. Kapottee berated Rizmore by telling him he had “Douche Bag” breath. Thus Rizmore’s use of Feminine Hygiene Products for mouthwash.

Mrs. Kapottee had stated she always wanted a baby girl. She feared how a female Rizmore would look and act. So Rizmore remained an only child. At the instance of Mr. Kapottee, she obtained three illegal abortions over the years to keep it that way.

She received the last one when Rizmore reached five years of age. That third abortion had left her unable to conceive. She went to a woman “practitioner” down by the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The place located in a dirty backroom of a seedy pharmacy.

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