Illegal Frequencies

Seeking employment became a comedy of errors. Usually, they both were hired at the same time for menial jobs. And fired at the same time for incompetence. Eventually, both went on SSI disability for their presentation of a pronounced lower mental acuity.

Pebbles' immigrant parents decided to return to Italy.  Pebbles chose to stay in the neighborhood. To supplement his SSI, he received monetary support from his married older brother who lived in New Jersey. He continued to live in his parents' rent-controlled apartment.


Another week, another new Monday morning. Rizmore brushed his teeth, washed and shaved under his arms. He then applied an inordinate amount of Secret Spray Deodorant. A ritualistic function.

Growing up he had always been influenced by his father’s unrelenting admonishments. For years he still retained that memory of the 1960’s television commercial for Secret Deodorant.


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