Illegal Frequencies

She still did not believe all that crap about frequencies and the generational confrontation. But she did not shy away from taking credit for Rizmore’s turn around.


Ricardo was released from prison. He got time off for good behavior. The Gypsy Prudence was happy to welcome him back. He then he dropped the good news on her. Ricardo had found Jesus in jail. He was Born Again and off the shit.

The Gypsy Prudence saw it as a golden opportunity. New York was becoming a drag. Ricardo was still wanted by his drug-dealing associates. She and Ricardo obtained new identities and moved out west to start their own church. Another scam for The Gypsy Prudence using an innocent dolt.

Rizmore started hanging out in this very bar.  After a few years, his apartment building caught fire and burned to the ground. He just picked up and left the neighborhood. I believe he met a Japanese woman in SoHo and decided to move to Japan to create art.

So that, my new young friends, is the tale of the Illegal Frequencies, Mickey McDougall said as he belted down another in a long line of free double bourbons. Mickey knew the CLAPs wanted to believe the story. He was not that drunk to miss the excited look in their eyes.

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