Illegal Frequencies

Heroin might have been the initial enabler. But it was his own intellect that decided to take command after those years of abuse from his father.

Mr. Kapottee’s frequency diminished right before Rizmore’s glassy eyes. He heard a deafening screech as his father got his express ticket back to hell, empty-handed without Rizmore as promised. The Devil was probably quite pissed. The other frequencies then just disappeared.

He was free.

Rizmore started his solitary cold turkey. He stopped all his clocks and covered all the windows. He would remain in the darkness and take what’s coming. It was worth it.


The Gypsy Prudence was then quite content with her client Rizmore. Under her guidance, (she believes) he has stopped using heroin and has decided to try and sell his art on the street in SoHo.

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