Illegal Frequencies

Pebbles visited Rizmore unannounced. He finds an unconscious Rizmore with a needle stuck in his arm. Rizmore was rushed to the hospital, a victim of an apparent overdose.

That past weekend, Ricardo was locked up by the NYPD Warrant Squad. So Rizmore had now lost his connection and had to venture out on the street to find his heroin. He unintentionally scored a more powerful dose than he was used to.

Ironically, the hospital that saved Rizmore’s life is the same hospital where his father died.

The question became, was he addicted to the heroin or more addicted to the confrontation with his father?

Pebbles stayed that night at the Hospital. He took Rizmore home the next day. The newly intellectually engaged Rizmore tried to explain to Pebbles what’s been happening with the heroin, his father, and the frequencies.


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