Illegal Frequencies

Rizmore started stealing car radios, doing burglaries and mugging old ladies for the money to buy heroin. He had to buy “heroin time,” time to rip on his useless father. Even Ricardo knew Rizmore was going way overboard. But Rizmore continued to shoot up to be able to berate his dead father.

But Mr. Kapottee’s actions were like a deep-sea fisherman (Mr. Kapottee) reeling in a fighting giant tuna (Rizmore.) Giving some play in the line, then reeling in some. The thrill and art of the catch.

Mr. Kapottee was having the best time of his death.

Rizmore was having the best time of his life.

He was racking up so much sin, he was almost eligible to join his old man in Hell.              But is that not where Mr. Kapottee ultimately wants Rizmore to join him?

Eternal Admonishment from the sadistic Mr. Kapottee and his master The Devil.

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